5 questions answered by Noana Giambra

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1. How did you come to your discipline? How did you find your style?

I came to my discipline by seeing a poster of the PXL that my sister got because she was just graduating and then all schools send folders. So jewelry design was on that folder and I decided immediately that I wanted to do that. I was 16 years old back then. I have to say that it was meant to be in some way because when I was a child I already made jewelry. Not with pearls but with stuff that I found on the street or in my dads workbench. I always wanted to do something with my hands and this was just perfect for me.

2. Can you live from your artwork?
Sadly I can’t live from my artwork. My pieces are presented in a lot of stores but I think it is too much and maybe I just need to make a smaller and simple collection. But it also depends on the buyers. Do they like traditional jewelry or more conceptual?
3. Describe your usual workday, your design process.
Designing is a little struggle every day because when I tell myself « you have to make a new design! » it will not come. On the other hand when I lay in my bed and just think about jewelry I have the best ideas. So I’m not really a ‘every day I design a jewel’ but more ‘I have the best ideas before I go to sleep’ kind of person.
4. Which designer/artist/collective would you recommend to check out?
Well when I was on the Sieraad-fair (Amsterdam) I met some nice American people as Jillian Moore, Stéphanie Voegele, Maria Eife, Emily Cobb. And I love Laura Deakin’s and Jantje Fleischhut‘s work.

5. What was your nicest/ weirdest experience until now?
The experience I hated the most was on the graduation show when a lot of people compared my jewelry with « loom bands ». I thought it was terrible because everybody thought that I got my inspiration of it.
A good experience is that I like it that people love my display of my jewelry. I really like to think of it to because it is a way to sell your jewelry better.