Lives and works in Luxembourg. From youngest age to today, photography and the work in darkroom keeps an amazing, even magic feeling for him, especially black and white work.

Course of study Study in photography LTAM evening courses.

Study in alternative techniques.

Education stays CNA Gum printing, Fine-art print, toning.

Study in art therapy

Gery Oth searches the power of representation, he want to document events, meetings, personal experiences between people. His monochrome pictures underlines his feeling, sensation and the personal interpretation far from short live success.

Expositions personnelles

Retrospective exhibition Kulturschapp Walferdange 2013
Luxemburg Cents ( Black and white prints )
Portrait series.
Roodt Syr Luxemburg “ Freeze the beauty of the nature”( Digital prints large format) Exhibition CCRNM Luxemburg "Menschwürdig bis zuletzt" Palliative care

Expositions collectives

EVBK Group exhibition Abtei Prüm Germany 2013
Image projection with video Artist Paul Schumacher during Concert cyclus "Hiver" Ensemble vocal Luxemburg Jean Cocteau Exhibition City of Luxemburg 2013
Exhibition Konscht am Besch Luxemburg 2012
Roodt Syr Luxemburg ( black and white, Polaroid, colorations and tonings, “ Colors of the silence).


Different photography missions* ALA*. 2012 ,2013
Report coverage youth people projects ( Black and white prints )
Photography and layout for art calenders ( Color Diapositive )
Photography and layout for postcards ( Polaroid transfer, Black and white, color )
Report coverage and photography in Afrika for official files and reports.
Report coverage and photography for Asia, Balkan, former GUS-states for official files and reports. Architectural photography, different sites.
Photography and layout permanent installation in hospitals ( Oncology ward )


NGO’s , INECC Music halls, Raiff, Official LD, Architects, Design companies, Forum Letzebuerger Scouten, INBC, ZGZ, ZK oncology, MultiG, Haus Omega, Casa Fabiana, ALA ,ZK Senior, EVL, Private collections