Born in England, BA Hons, Art Training Exeter College of Art and Design, UK. Awarded Honorary Doctorate of Letters (DLitt) for outstanding contribution to the world of art, by the University of Exeter.

Honorary Fellow of the Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies, University of Exeter, UK


Elaine works exclusively in the medium of mosaic using precious Venetian golds and glass smalto. These specialised materials – so well understood by Byzantine artists for their light-emitting qualities and inherent spiritual power – provide her with a continual challenge.

Expositions personnelles

espace mediArt, avec Olivier Caloin, Luxembourg.
‘Songs of the Desert’ Wolfson Gallery, Library, School of African and Oriental Studies, SOAS, Thornhaugh
Street, Russell Square WC1H 0XG London, England. January 26 - March 26
Homage To Byzantium, Galerie Mona Lisa, Rue de Varenne, Rive Gauche, 75007 Paris, France
Homage to Byzantium, Anna Fietta Space, Ravenna, Italy
Homage to Byzantium, Château de Bourglinster, Luxembourg
From Here to Eternity, The Street Gallery, Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies, University of Exeter, England
Tesserae II, Galerie of the Musée de la Mosaïque, Briare, France
Tesserae I, Municipale Galerie d’Art, Diekirch, Luxembourg
The Human Form in Mosaic, Dorset Country Museum and Art Gallery, Dorchester, England
Tripping the Light Fantastic, Galerie, Château de Bourglinster, Luxembourg
Pulsations of Marrakech II, Le Rondeau, Bridel, Luxembourg
Points of Perception II, The Street Gallery, Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies, University of Exeter, UK
Points de Perception, Galerie of the Musée de la Mosaïque, Briare, France
Fenêtres sur la perception, Chapelle St Eman, Chartres, France
Musing the Sea, Southampton City Art Gallery, England
Aspects of Light III, Northcote House Gallery, University of Exeter, England
Aspects of Light II, The Street Gallery, Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies, University of Exeter, England (solo)
Pulsations de Marrakech, Dar Cherifa Gallery, Marrakech, Morocco
Aspects of Light I, Reed Hall Gallery, University of Exeter, England
The Muse and the Moselle, The British Embassy, Luxembourg
Salutations to the Muse, Château de Bourglinster, Luxembourg

Expositions collectives

Contemporary Gallery of Medici Riccardi Palace, Florence, Italy. (Musiwa)
Museo del Fiume in Nazzano, Rome, Italy. (AIMC)
Guelph Palace Gallery, Florence, Italy. (Musiwa)
‘Songs of the Desert’ The Street Gallery, University of Exeter, Exeter. EX4 4ND.
Gallery Chapelle Fullbert , Chartres, France.
‘Voices of the Desert’ with Mohamed Abaoubida. Gallery at Dar Cherifa, Marrakech 40000, Morocco.
Gallery of the Centre for Architecture, Halle Podium, Museumsquatier, Vienna, Austria. AIMC.
Looking Through to You, Lawrence-Arnott Gallery, Marrakech, Morocco
First International Exhibition of World Mosaic, Comune de Ravenna and AIMC, Ravenna, Italy
The Human Form in Mosaic, Gallery of the British School at Rome, Rome, Italy
International Mosaic Workshop and Exhibition, Biblioteca Alexandrina, Alexandria, Egypt
7ème Rencontres Internationales de Mosaïque, Chapelle St Eman/Chapelle Fulbert, Chartres, France
Seeing the Light, Collins Gallery, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland
Exposure, BAMM Inaugural Exhibition, RAMM Gallery, Exeter, England
Mosaic – A Living Art; an Anglo-Italian Celebration, RAMM Gallery, Exeter & Ruskin Gallery, Sheffield, England


Privée et publique:
Angleterre, Ecosse, France, Luxembourg, Suisse, Italie, Amérique du Nord, Australie, Belgique, Portugal, Espagne, Egypte, Inde, Grèce, Allemagne, Maroque, Macédonie